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AORE - AEE Conference 2019 | Learning Expedition: A prescription for better health and wellness


Submission Deadline: Monday, April 8, 2019, midnight, EST*

All links to presenter proposals and applications can be found on our PRESENTING page.

*Activate Applications are due May 1, 2019.

Be a part of the 2019 AORE - AEE Conference!

This combined event for outdoor and experiential educators brings together an opportunity for exceptional education that we hope sparks innovation and creates unique learning and quality networking opportunities for all attendees.

The Education Action Team and the Research Symposium/SEER Action Team are seeking conference proposals within the educational topics of the outdoor recreation and education industry and the experiential education industry that showcase the best thinking in the fields, informed by theory, research, and practice.

We invite proposals that:

Put the emphasis on participants acquiring skills
Reflect innovation and cutting edge content
Stimulate and provoke discussion and audience engagement
Introduce radical innovations, disruptive trends and provide entirely new approaches to problem solving
Provide diverse approaches for different types of learners
Use multimedia approaches to enhance attendee learning

Presenter and Workshop Provider Responsibilities 

All presenters must register for the conference.  Presenter discounts will be available - details will be provided after acceptance.

Pre- and post-conference providers are not required to attend the conference and are therefore not required to register for the conference. 

All presenters and providers are responsible for their own travel costs. 

All presenters and providers must meet all posted dates and deadlines. 

All presenters and providers must accept AOREs Presenter and Provider Agreement for all terms and conditions.

Submission Process

Submit your proposal by Monday, April 8th at midnight, EST.

You will receive an automatic confirmation of your submission. Keep this confirmation in your files.

Each submission will be reviewed by a team of volunteers and staff. You will be notified in early June on the status of your submission.

Through a competitive selection process, we encourage innovative and creative presentations that are relevant and useful to the development of outdoor professionals and students. In an effort to increase the quality of the educational content presented at AORE and AEE, we encourage and will grade proposals based on the need for:

1. Every presentation to address a bit of theory, data, research, metrics, etc. in order to provide background to support their presentation.

2. Every presentation to address strategies, tactics, and success stories, etc. to help others implement and apply to their own programs.

3. Presentations to allow participants the opportunity to reflect, think, practice, and create action plans, etc. to bridge to their own programs/situations.

All submissions will be reviewed by a broad cross-section of AORE and AEE member volunteers and staff will act as peer reviewers, anonymously rating proposals within their area of expertise.

This group will use the following criteria when evaluating the proposals:

1. Relevance: Does the presentation address one of the strategic outcomes of; education, inclusiveness, stewardship, professionalism, advocacy, innovation, transparency?

2. Content: Does the proposal contain well-articulated and appropriate session learning outcomes Is the content clearly and thoroughly articulated with evidence based on research or experiential practice?

3. Organization: Does the proposal outline demonstrate a well-planned presentation and clearly fit the detailed presentation description including format style (e.g. experiential, lecture, etc.), time frame, stated goals/outcomes, etc.?

4. Ability to Inspire Action: AORE & AEE seek content leaders who will inspire our audience to return to their own organizations after the conference and implement what they learned. Is transferable information present?

5. Overall Quality: Is this a high quality, professional proposal in which innovation, originality and creativity are fully demonstrated and integrated for an overall engaging presentation?

6. Qualifications: Does the presenter have adequate qualifications and experience with the content matter?

Submission Form Overview 

We encourage you to collect the information below BEFORE beginning the submission process. This ensures you have all informatoin gathered and ready and can submit your information all at once.

What type of presentation are you applying for?
Main Conference Session (75 minute general education session featured all 3 days of the conference)
Research Symposium (15 minute sessions & poster sessions about research, theoretical and applied)
Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops (educational and social workshops featured before and after the 3 day conference)
SNAP Learning Session (30 minute highly focused session held on Friday)
Deep Dive Session (4 hour sessions held on Friday) 
Sessions (75 minute session topic facilitator)

General Contact Information such as name, email, address, etc.
Your AORE and/or AEE Membership status
How many years of professional experience you have
Your educational & industry credentials and other noteworthy achievements.

Co-Presenter(s) Information, including their contact info, professional info, membership status and educational & industry credentials.

Presentation/Workshop Title: Keep it short and succinct. Do not exceed 12 words.

Presentation/Workshop Description: (Please do not include speaker names anywhere in the session description.) Overall focus and goal of the session, including key points and supporting topics. Your description should build on your title and should attempt to persuade your target audience of the value of participation. If selected, the description will be modified and used in the marketing brochure and website.

Timeline (agenda): What is the format of the session (activities, lecture, roundtable, experiential components, question/answer, etc.)? All session types are welcome. Please share specifically how your session will flow.

Three (3) Learning Outcomes of the session: Objectives set the direction of the session and keep the presentation or training focused. To help bring the content to life and make it actionable, please clearly define how your session will support attendees in implementing and applying their learnings. Put the emphasis on participants acquiring skills, rather than simply receiving knowledge. For help writing objectives/takeaways try combining a skill that participants need to know how to do then what they need to know in order to do that. For example, you can complete the sentence Participants will be able to.... Such as Participants will be able to improve their recruiting strategies by using content marketing effectively. For more help on writing learning outcomes see: Learning

Presenters experience with topic: address your professional experience and expertise with the presentation/workshop topic. Do not exceed 300 words.

Explain if you have any conflicts with the conference schedule the planning team needs to take into consideration. Sessions generally take place between these hours: Wednesday 10:00am 5:00pm, Thursday 8:00am 5:30pm and Friday 10:00am 5:00pm.

In reflecting on the current state of outdoor and experiential education, the following are the knowledge domains we believe to be most important to our core audiences in 2019.  Please select the domain that aligns with your presentation:

Risk Management
Social and Environmental Justice
Career Development
Technical and Outdoor Living Skills
Facilitation and Methodology
Leadership and Organizational Development
Research and Theoretical Application

Is your presentation/workshop research based? Yes / No

Please select 2-3 target audiences that will get the most from your presentation:

Practitioners (directors of outdoor programs, facilitators, K-12 educators)
Military (morale, welfare and recreation program directors, community recreation chief)
Instructors (assistant professor, strategic events manager, guides, educators)
Program Administrators (associate director of programs, camp directors, director of wellness)
Clinicians (social workers, therapeutic adventure specialists)

How many times in the past 5 years have you or your organization offered a presentation/workshop at AORE or AEE conferences?

Would you be willing to co-present with another professional with a similar proposal? Yes / No

Note on Audio Visual for Presenter Rooms: As needed, session rooms will have a projector, screen, audio plug-in and VGA or HDMI connection (Mac users please bring your own dongle/adapter). If your session does not require any of this and the format requires more space, or other unique setups, please be as descriptive as possible when addressing your needs so we can place you in the best room for your session. At this time, there is NO wireless internet provided at the convention center. There are NO whiteboards or chalkboards in the rooms. There will be NO laptops provided.

What A/V resources and materials are you bringing to the conference?

Do you have any other A/V needs? Unless otherwise outlined in your submission, it is assumed that you presentation will be inside a conference center room with lecture style chair set-up. If you need something different, you must let us know.

Is this workshop being offered on-site or off-site (for pre- and post-conference workshops)?

Wil you be able to incorporate the theme of health and wellness into your presentation title or content? Yes/No

Do you have any other comments or concerns to share with the selection committee?

All presenters are required to abide by the following guidelines:
1. If accepted, all presenters must register and pay for the attendance at the 2019 AORE - AEE Conference (daily rates are available).
2. All presenters understand that they must be willing to present any day of the Conference, during any time slotted under the direction of the conference Education Action Team. Efforts will be made to avoid conflicts listed by the presenters at the time of submission.
3. All presenters will demonstrate high standards of professional conduct and will not discriminate against participants on the basis of gender, age, socioeconomic or ethnic background, sexual orientation, or disability.
4. As the Lead Presenter, I verify that I have communicated with all other presenters.

Plan Your Submission

We suggest that you first collect your thoughts for your proposal before going to the online form. Session and workshop proposals require clear and concise titles, succinct and persuasive descriptions, and well-thought-out learning objectives/takeaways.

Your title should capture, in 12 words or less, who your session is for and the topic that will be covered.
Your description should, in 150 words or less, build on your title, focus on takeaways, and be as persuasive and concise as possible.
Your learning objectives/takeaways should put the emphasis on participants acquiring skills, rather than simply receiving knowledge.

In addition, for RESEARCH submissions:
Abstracts should address outdoor and/or experiential recreation behavior and/or experience, outdoor and/or experiential recreation or education techniques and methods, or applied research directed at the outdoor and/or experiential recreation and education profession.
Abstracts reporting empirical studies should contain subheadings identifying an introduction, methods, results, and discussion with a component addressing implications pertinent to the profession.
Abstracts reporting conceptual and theoretical discussions should also have relevant and appropriate subheadings.
While the title of the Symposium/SEER suggests research, applied evaluation projects that have implications for the larger industry are also welcome.

AORE and AEE will convene a diverse group who will assist in the final program design. To ensure that program content is timely, relevant, and optimally targeting our attendees needs, the group will select from the submissions received during the Call for Proposals and identify gaps, if any, which AORE and AEE staff will address though additional content development strategies. We receive many excellent proposal submissions for the Conference, so please understand that it is a difficult and highly selective process. As such, quality rather than quantity is always best when submitting proposals. We much prefer to receive your best ideas rather than every idea you might have, so send us just the ones you think would make the strongest sessions. The overall program will result in a diverse array of presenters and perspectives. Acceptance notifications will be sent in early June. Upon acceptance, AORE and AEE might modify the session title and description to fit our marketing style and format guidelines for the purpose of the brochure, website, and onsite guide. You will have the opportunity to approve or edit if needed.

Should you have questions, please contact the AORE National Office at 810.299.2782 or

Submission Deadline: Monday, April 8, 2019, 12pm EST*

All links to presenter proposals and applications can be found on our PRESENTING page.

*Activate Applications are due May 1, 2019.