Don't Be Afraid to Dream Big and Fly High, AORE Will Catch You!

As AORE members, you are closely connected to nature, understanding its immense value for people individually and for communities as a whole. Whether it be in the classroom or through leading outdoor experiences, we understand that sharing this knowledge with others is a big part of what makes you get out of bed in the morning. However, this goal can feel overwhelming at times and that’s where AORE comes in!
We are here to help you increase the reach and overall impact of what you do, providing time-tested industry insights, a vast toolbox of resources, and the chance to connect with others who are committed to the same goals and share similar interests as you.

AORE supports its members in four key areas:

Advocacy – Our leadership leverages AORE’s national influence to advocate for members, bringing critical conversations to key decision makers when necessary to ensure the success of member programs and initiatives. And we partner with 100 schools across the country to promote the importance of nature and getting outside through AORE’s Campus Challenge. AORE also partners with both members and non-members to conduct, support, and share research and key findings to help guide work being done out in the field.

Networking – As humans, we are wired to seek out community and connection with others. Whether you are engaging on AORE’s message boards or attending AORE’s annual conference, AORE has you covered when it comes to creating an environment where authentic relationships can develop and thrive between our members.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Career Advancement – AORE offers a wealth of support for members as they seek new challenges within their profession---from learning about the many career paths out there and accessing targeted job postings to participating in AORE’s Career Headquarters at the annual conference, which offers resume reviews, mock-interviews, and presentations from top organizations in the field that are hiring.

Professional Development – AORE knows that members must continually adapt and grow in order to keep pace with the dynamic, ever-changing field of outdoor recreation and education. Our programming---Emerging Leaders Program, Global University, Outdoor Orientation Program Symposium (OOPS), and the Women’s Mentorship Leadership Institute---is designed to engage and support diverse points of view, provide structured mentorship, foster the exchange of best practices and trends, and skills-building through classroom learning and outdoor experiences. And we believe that nourishing the individual potential of members is what will ultimately help each of us to enrich and expand the services and programs we deliver out in the field. 
Want to know more, but aren’t sure where to begin? Contact us via email at to get the help you need. We’d love to chat!