What are you most excited about with AORE's proposed new mission statement?
The new mission statement is broad enough to support all individuals and organizations who work tirelessly to bring people into the outdoors so that they can develop those precious memories that lead to life-changing moments and connections to the natural world. The language is simple and strong, opening us up many new possibilities for communicating our work and impact as an association.
Relative to the greater outdoor space, how will the strategic framework positively help our identity and branding?
That's easy! While supporting our roots (i.e. colleges, universities, military), the strategic framework now also clarifies AORE's value, helping to both legitimize our work and support the professional standards held by our members. 
As a BOD member, how do you think these changes will help guide AORE's work?
By clearing communicating who AORE serves and what AORE does, we will be able to open our doors to new markets and bridge the gap that sometimes exists between our current members and other segments of the outdoor industry. As a professor, I see these changes as a way of also helping AORE to become better positioned to support the needs of young professionals who will soon work in various segments of the outdoor recreation and education field.  

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