Meet Incoming Board Member, George Mallin!

George Mallin photo
Why this year, did you choose to run for the BOD?

I had been in discussion with Mitch Hoffman for a few years about how I could get involved with AORE. With the board shifting to a more strategic focus and me being able to devote the time and effort that this organization deserves this seemed like the opportune time given four open BOD positions.

What do you bring to the table for the strategic framework?
I am a very goals oriented person and love to build structure and strategies around achieving those goals. I believe I bring a relevant outside perspective and a set of techniques and tools to the table.

Why is AORE important enough to you to give your service and time?
Outdoor recreation and education played a big role in my university experience. I owe a great deal to the University of Minnesota's center for outdoor adventure. I developed friendships and experiences that shaped my life. I know that a lot of the center's success is due to Mitch's involvement with AORE and that my experience would not have been the same without it.

What expertise or connections will you bring to AORE to move us our new direction?
Being based in Montreal, Canada I have to admit that I would love to see AORE extend it's influence outside of the USA and if any of my Canadian or international connections can help with that then we will certainly leverage those connections. 

In addition, I'm confident that my expertise in managing projects, people and problem solving will help move AORE along in our new direction.