Meet Incoming Board Member, Renee Alston-Maisonet!

Renee photo
Why this year, did you choose to run for the BOD?

My decision to run for a position on the AORE Board was two-pronged. First, I  have a deep desire to see underserved and underrepresented communities have greater access to the outdoors. Believing that the natural environment belongs to everyone; I am committed to doing my part in creating pathways for marginalized communities to have greater exposure and access to outdoor recreation.  Additionally, I  view this as a great opportunity for me to grow both personally and professionally as I  continue to expand my knowledge base and deepen my roots in the outdoor industry.

What do you bring to the table for the strategic framework?
As it relates to how I can assist with advancing AORE’s strategic framework; I feel that my best contribution would be my ability to build and advance relationships. These relationships will be beneficial in creating a greater share of voice for AORE as well as impacting and increasing our donor base.

Why is AORE important enough to you to give your service and time?
AORE is important enough for me to give my service and time because  I want to be a part of an organization that is creating real change in the Outdoor Industry. I believe that AORE is committed to working with partners and organizations to create an inclusive environment for all people.

What expertise or connections will you bring to AORE to move us our new direction?
I bring a variety of connections and resources to AORE; resources like outdoor retailers, major corporate partners, and other groups who believe in and support the type of work that AORE does.