Meet Incoming Board Member, Nicole Pokorney!

Nicole Pokorney
Why this year, did you choose to run for the BOD?

I am currently finishing up a term for a National 4-H Committee and I was seeking ways to serve another organization in the same capacity.  AORE has been an important part of my professional development since the fall of 2018. I wanted to be able to give back to AORE and when I saw that they were seeking new Board members, I knew the timing was right!

What do you bring to the table for the strategic framework?
All of my work experience has been in the non-profit sector. With this experience, I have a strong knowledge of public and private value, the importance of stakeholders, seeking unique fundraising opportunities, and building and fostering donor relations. The professionalism and Professional Development elements of AORE's Strategic Framework excites me most. I value professionalism in an organization and places of employment. I strive to be a leader in the development of people. I think that an organization such as AORE has the infrastructure and leadership that can be a source of growth and development for outdoor recreation professions and students across the country and world.

Why is AORE important enough to you to give your service and time?
I was honored to be selected for the Global University trip to Costa Rica in May, 2019 through AORE and G Adventures.  This trip was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, shared with an amazing group of women in the outdoor industry. The conversations and leadership skills learned have been with me everyday since. I would like to continue to share my passion for leadership and outdoor adventure to others in the organization that created the experience and environment.

What expertise or connections will you bring to AORE to move us our new direction?
In my current position, I have developed and delivered numerous professional development opportunities for staff, volunteers, and youth. I have extensive experience working with, managing, and leading volunteers. Youth are regarded alongside the adults; they serve equally and lead many aspects of our programs. Collectively, we ensure youth voice, youth engagement, and shared leadership. My experiences have provided many unique and varying opportunities for building group, interpersonal and leadership skills. I lead and facilitate many groups, as well as an engaged member of professional groups throughout the University and Extension systems. I use my own interpersonal skills to develop the same skills in my staff that I supervise. I hold high value in active listening, teamwork, responsibility, and motivation. These skills flow into my Personal Skills and Attributes. I bring empathy, humor, caring, and dependability to groups and my work. I strive to always create an environment that all are heard, empowered, and safe.