Planning a Conference is a Months-Long Labor of Love

Planning the Outdoor Professional Conference can, in many ways, be akin to planning a wedding. Both require choosing the right venue, putting together a program with just the right content, herding the key important players to ensure they know their responsibility and expectations on the big day, selecting the right food and beverage, signing all the contracts, having the correct insurance in place (just in case), sending out the invitations (& following up when folks don’t RSVP) - really the list goes on and on. 

Sometimes with all that planning you may end up with an unhappy in-law (or attendee) who voices their opinions on how they would have done it all differently. While we would suggest keeping your opinions to yourself at a wedding, we welcome constructive feedback and candid conversations on how to make a conference even better moving forward. Let’s be fair - saying “it costs too much” isn’t constructive, but saying “have you thought about trying this…” feels like you are working to be part of the solution. 

Believe it or not, we love to hear how we can do things differently to make a better experience for future events.  We find it even more helpful if folks start the feedback process while we are working through the details in advance of the event. If you have capacity and the desire to help make the OPC the best it can be, please sign up to help us in planning! 

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PS: Be sure to check back next week as we dive a little deeper into different aspects of planning the wedding, whoops we mean conference!