Is there a particular reason why you chose to run in AORE's Board Elections this year? 
This is something that I have been considering for some time now. I have spoken with several former and current board members about the position, but until recently felt that I would not be able to commit the time that was required to be fully engaged. Now, in my 9th year at VCU, and with additional staff to support the Outdoor Adventure Program, I felt the timing was right.

What do you bring to the table when thinking about future work on AORE's new strategic framework?
I am excited to develop strategic and intentional partnerships with other organizations in pursuit of a similar goal as AORE's. Partnerships are something that I find extremely beneficial, particularly in an environment where we see many organizations competing for attention. I have helped develop numerous partnerships through my work in a university setting, as well as through my volunteer work in Richmond, Virginia. AORE's commitment to these types of collaborations have been particularly evident in recent years with conferences being held in conjunction with WEA and AEE. I hope to continue that momentum forward.​

How will your expertise and connections move our association in a new direction?
I feel that I can contribute through the continued long term strategic planning and goal steering of the association. This is and something that I feel is a strong suit of mine and that I have a fair bit of experience with. Additionally, having worked in various capacities within the outdoor industry for nearly 20 years, I feel that I have a good understanding of how AORE occupies "the intersection of the outdoor industry and outdoor recreation and education." I believe I can use that experience to move AORE in positive direction.​

Why did you decide to volunteer your time, service, and skills to AORE?
Ever since I began down this path to becoming an outdoor professional, AORE has been involved. Through the people I have met and the experiences I have had, I know that I would not be where I am today if it were not for AORE. Many others have helped support me over the years and I feel that it's important contribute to supporting others within AORE.​