What is the JOREL?

The Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education and Leadership is the only peer-reviewed journal published in the United States with a specific focus on the areas of outdoor recreation, education and leadership.  Through this collaborative effort between the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education, the Wilderness Education Association, and the Western Kentucky University Research Foundation, the journal focuses on improving research and practice and reducing the disparity between the two in the represented disciplines. 

How do I use or access the JOREL?

Sagamore-Venture Publishing is now providing free access (no subscription required) to the journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership through May 31, 2024. This special two-year period of free access is part of ongoing efforts to make the journal more accessible to a diverse global community, while increasing awareness and broader participation by authors and readers.


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Submitting to JOREL

How do I submit an article to JOREL?

To submit a manuscript to JOREL, the author must (1) have an account on this site and (2) be enrolled as an Author with JOREL.  For more information on how to submit to JOREL, click here.

How do I cite?

The JOREL has specific instructions for formatting manuscripts that can be found here. Citations should follow APA formatting which is outlined in the APA manual and described in detail on this website.

What are the deadlines for submission?

The JOREL accepts manuscripts throughout the year for it’s regular issues. Special issues and conference proceedings will have specific deadlines stated in the call for manuscripts.

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Why should I consider submitting?

The JOREL is the only peer reviewed publication in the United States that focuses on outdoor recreation, education, and leadership. The JOREL has published a number of articles that have been influential and have been applied in practice. The JOREL is an excellent outlet for authors who endeavor to have their work read by those in the outdoor recreation, education, and leadership fields.

JOREL Reviewing Process

How does the editorial team determine whether or not a paper is suitable for publication in the journal?

Newly submitted manuscripts will go through a preliminary review by the journal’s Editor-In-Chief to determine whether or not it fits within the scope of the journal as well as whether or not it adheres to basic submission guidelines and standards of quality to be considered for publication in the journal. If the submission meets these criteria, then the manuscript will be distributed for a blind peer-review by at least two reviewers. Peer-reviewers provide feedback and recommendations that are used to inform editorial decisions regarding the submission. Based on the reviewer feedback, submissions will receive one of the following editorial decisions: accept, revisions required, resubmit for review, or decline the submission. In cases where authors are invited to make revisions or resubmit for review, subsequent versions of the paper will be reconsidered in an iterative review process until the paper is either accepted for publication or declined by the editorial team.

Who reviews the submission?

Peer-reviewers are selected based on academic and practical expertise related to the area of study. 

How do I become a reviewer?

To be considered as a reviewer for the journal, please send a letter of interest accompanied by a curriculum vita or professional resume via email to the Editor-In-Chief of the journal. The letter of interest should briefly highlight your reviewing interests and qualifications to serve as a reviewer for the journal.

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