Access & Permitting

AORE is dedicated to ensuring that we continue to have reasonable access to public lands and waterways in order to provide the "outdoor" component that our programs rely upon for educational and recreational missions.

AORE members are running programs that focus on recreation and education. Often, it can be confusing to navigate the different permit needs of land managers. The goal of the Access Committee is to help members navigate their relationships with land managers in order to run effective programs on public lands. We want to support the proper use of permitting structures, and we advocate to land managers on behalf of the AORE to support continued sustainable use of public lands.

The AORE Access and Permitting Committee has created a Member Toolkit to aid both new and experienced members in the area of access to federal lands, which almost always requires a permit. Several resources are available here for public viewing and use, while some are restricted for Member viewing only in the member's only File Library.

Additional External Resources:

AORE Committee-Created Resources:

Asking For Access

Why do I need Permits

Best Practices for
Responsible Access

Permitting Glossary

Permitting Database

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