Virtual Education

The Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) is the leading organization in the United States dedicated to serving the needs of outdoor recreation professionals and facilitators. We work to provide valuable content to our members through our benefits, including virtual education and professional development. 

We are bringing on speakers from all over the world to speak on topics you’ve requested through surveys and conversations with us. We encourage you to not wait for our Annual Conference to learn and network — join us from anywhere in the world — no travel costs required! 

  • It is important to invest in yourself to grow and stay up to speed on current trends and regulations. Professional development is like giving your brain a workout!
  • When you commit to professional development with AORE you will receive a framework to grow your programs, interact with public land managers, influence decisions that affect the human-powered outdoor recreation industry, and more. 
  • When you invest in your professional development journey, this means you are registering and showing up for events. You are engaging and asking questions. Many of our sessions are casual and a great place to network and meet fellow education leaders and facilitators.
  • We encourage you to register and set aside time each month to your professional development and engage with these opportunities.
  • AORE aims to provide professional development in a cost-effective manner. As an AORE member, you will benefit from the most cost effective access to programming. While we can’t offer everything for free, so do work to offer a variety of opportunities in different cost brackets. 

We offer professional development and learning opportunities in three ways:

  • Annual Conference
  • Live sessions:
    • Professional Development Webinars
    • Networking
    • Inclusive Summit
  • On demand content, including: 
    • Pre-Recorded Sessions  
    • Self-Paced Courses
    • Blog
    • Equity Challenge
    • Podcast
    • Jenny in the Outdoors [Coming Soon!]

I volunteer with AORE because it's a great way to network within the Outdoor Adventure community. It's also a great way to gain experience in different roles within the industry than I generally play and to give back to the community.

Candace Brendler

Coordinator for Outdoor Action at Princeton University

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