Is there a particular reason why you chose to run in AORE's Board Elections this year? 
With the new proposed mission and Strategic Framework, I believe AORE is well-positioned to fully step into the role of convenor of the outdoor industry. I am excited by the opportunity to help move the
work of the Association forward.​

What do you bring to the table when thinking about future work on AORE's new strategic framework?
I can comfortably navigate a strategic plan and stay focused on the future. I was a member of the 2017 NIRSA Strategic Planning Taskforce that developed the 2018-2021 plan and now serve on the Board of Directors with the responsibility of stewarding it. I believe I possess the skills and expertise to help lead AORE into its next phase.​

How will your expertise and connections move our association in a new direction?
I bring 20 years of diverse experience in higher education and high-level volunteer roles. Most of my experience has been outside of the recreation industry and I will bring a unique perspective to the Board. I ask questions to seek understanding, enjoy being innovative, and can easily make connections between seemingly unrelated things.

Why did you decide to volunteer your time, service, and skills to AORE?
I am motivated by the profound impact connecting people to the outdoors can have on individuals, groups, communities, and society.