Is there a particular reason why you chose to run in AORE's Board Elections this year? 
As the director of the Montana Governor's Office of Outdoor Recreation I work closely with stakeholders within my state as well as other states and federal land and water stewards and elected officials to grow and enhance the outdoor recreation economy. We know and understand it is important to collaboratively work with all segments of the outdoor recreation community therefore we recognize that working as a collective group with AORE is an important piece of our success.​

What do you bring to the table when thinking about future work on AORE's new strategic framework?
Offices of Outdoor Recreation continue to be establish across the country and while there are many common goals and visions held by all the offices each state is working to create new an innovative ways to support outdoor recreation in their respective state. As demonstrated by AOREs work with UTs Office of Outdoor Recreation there is much we can do together. Open lines of communication and sharing of expertise is how we grow and thrive.​

How will your expertise and connections move our association in a new direction?
I come from a very diverse background of outdoor recreation and industry, that combined with the growth of the Offices of Outdoor Recreation across the country, I offer an opportunity to broaden reach and establish new and creative connectivity.

Why did you decide to volunteer your time, service, and skills to AORE?
Education and open lines of communication is empowerment. Success now and in the future will come by working together.