Learning Together is Just Good Business

AORE fully believes in the power group learning.  If any organization is committed to change, shouldn’t everyone within that organization be a part of making that change happen? 

Here are five advantages of a group from an organization learning together:
  1. Organizational Alignment: Group learning initiatives help align individuals' skills and knowledge with the organization's goals and values, ensuring that everyone is working towards common objectives.
  2. Shared Knowledge: Learning together allows individuals to share their unique expertise and insights, leading to a richer collective understanding of the subject matter.
  3. Improved Problem-Solving Skills: Group learning encourages critical thinking and diverse perspectives, enhancing the group's ability to solve complex problems effectively.
  4. Increased Innovation: Exposing individuals to new ideas and perspectives stimulates creativity and innovation within the group, leading to the development of fresh solutions and approaches.
  5. Higher Engagement Levels: Learning together can make the learning experience more engaging and enjoyable, increasing participants' motivation to actively participate and contribute.
As an incentive to encourage group learning, we have set up group registration for our Inclusive Summit.  For up to 20 attendees the pricing is: We hope to see your entire group there! 

Ever have a question about AORE or what we're up to? Just ask! Reach out to us at nationaloffice@aore.org!