friday, november 4th - unconference sessions


What is it? During the 2022 AORE conference we will host a UnConference Day of Learning which is a participant driven gathering based around themes, topics, and challenges where presenters and participants draw on each other‘s collective wisdom. No planning ahead, here‘s how it will go: 


  • Day 1 & 2 (Tues & Wed): All conference participants will have the opportunity to submit a topic for discussion as a participant or presenter.
  • Day 3 (Thurs): Everyone will have the opportunity to vote for the workshops that they would like to participate in on day 3.
  • Day 4 (Fri): On the morning of day 4, the schedule will be announced and workshops will be held.


  • Rule #1: Whoever shows up are the right people
  • Rule #2: Whatever happens is fine
  • Rule #3: Whenever it starts is the right time
  • Rule #4: The Law of two feet (if the session isn‘t what you thought or you got what you wanted then feel free to find another session)


  1. Group discussion: Someone identifies a topic they are interested in, others come to join the conversation and an interesting discussion happens

  2. My Big (or Little) Question: You have a question you want to know the answer to, and you think others in the group could help you answer it. This format could also just be the seed of a conversation.

  3. Show and tell: You have a cool project, a demo, or just something to show and let people play with that is the springboard for all the conversation in the session. Alternatively, you can invite others to bring their own items to show and tell (perhaps with a theme), and everyone takes a turn sharing.