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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources



Networking: Academics & Aspiring Academics

December 08, 2021

  If you currently serve as an academic instructor, professor, or are pursuing positions such as these, please join your colleagues for an informal conversation and networking. In addition to discussing current events, issues, and opportunities within our current academic landscape, this is also a chance to get to identify pot...

Affinity Networking: Programming with Purpose

December 09, 2021

  Come join in conversation with other outdoor facilitators and discuss different types of programming.  These are non-facilitated meet-ups that allow both members and non-members to connect and discuss topics relevant to their areas of programming.

Our breakout rooms will initially include the following, b...

Coffee Chat with Steve Smith, Author of Beneficial Risks - The Evolution of Risk Management for Outdoor and Experiential Education Programs

December 15, 2021

  Grab your coffee, smoothie, tea or water and come listen in as AORE’s Executive Director, Jeannette Stawski, speaks with Steve Smith from Experiential Consulting, LLC. Intended to be part interview, part podcast; these 30 minutes are meant to help you learn a little more about the topics, people, issues and perspective...

Access & Permitting Committee Meeting

December 16, 2021 The Access and Permitting Committee supports the National Office by providing the AORE membership with important opportunities, resources, and information relevant to access to public lands and waters for current and aspiring outdoor recreation, education, and industry professionals and organizations. Join us for our monthly meetings to hear legisl...

How Finances, Career and Quality of Life Interact: A Discussion About Their Importance

February 09, 2022

Finding personalized and affordable career and money advice is often out of reach for most people, yet is critical to your success. GreenKeel is a Career and Financial advisory platform working to disrupt the advisory industry by making high quality advice affordable for  all Americans, particularly the 99% for whom these servi...

Life Priorities, Money Goals and Accountability - Essential First Steps Toward Achieving Success

February 16, 2022

Most people struggle with money, debt and not knowing “where it all goes”. Somehow we have gotten this far in life but have still not been taught how to manage our money inline with our life priorities and goals. GreenKeel works to help people create a plan and set up systems specifically tailored to your life, goals, an...

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