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Red Indicates Sold Booth
Blue Indicates Premium Booth with a $300 upcharge

2020 Exhibit Hall Map

PLEASE NOTE: This is preliminary information and is subject to change.

Wednesday, October 28th 
Exhibitor Move In Time TBD
Tradeshow Preview (by invitation Only) 6-7 PM
Tradshow Grand Opening 7-10 PM

Thursday, October 29th
Tradeshow Open with Boxed Lunch 12-2 PM
Exhibitor Move Out Time TBD

Myrtle Beach Convention Center Policies
(Download the full PDF; per MBCC 10/2019 and posted by AORE 01/2020)

To draw attention to certain policies that may impact AORE Exhibitors, we have identified a few items out of the MBCC Policies document below. Exhibitors are expected to understand and comply with all convention center policies contained in the handbook.

  • Tents in the exhibit halls shall not exceed 300 square feet. Displays beneath tents shall be subject to fire department approval based upon their combustibility and associated hazards.

  • Exhibitors with tents shall not be located next to one another. Tents shall be spaced at least 10 feet apart from other tents.

  • Tents shall be labeled as flame resistive.

  • Written authorization from the fire department is required for the following operations:

    • Display and/or operation of any open flame device such as, but not limited to, heaters, grills, fireplaces, candles, lanterns, torches, etc.

    • Display and/or operation of any electrical, mechanical, or chemical device that is deemed hazardous by the fire department.

    • Storage or use of combustible/flammable liquids, compressed gases, or hazardous chemicals.


Exhibitor CompanyBooth #
Asana Climbing5
Camp Chef36
Deuter1 & 64
G Adventures29 & 30
LOWA Boots12
Mad Rock60
NRS4 & 61
R&W Rope28
Wilderness Medical Associates44

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