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Advocacy Webinar | Public Lands in the United States: A Curriculum Introduction​ (April 22nd at 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST)

AORE is bringing representatives from The Wilderness Society together to share introductory information about their curriculum with our members. The Wilderness Society and the Avarna Group, working with Indigenous consultants Daisy Purdy, Honor Keeler, Dr. Rae Gould and Yufna Soldier Wolf, has published a teaching curriculum for helping educators, youth leaders and even government agencies share the full story of public lands. 

The downloadable curriculum​, Public Lands in the United States, includes five chapters, each with context-setting background, step-by-step lesson plans and materials for each activity—from printable images and “Wilderness Values” cue cards to timeline puzzles and research prompts about current diversity and access efforts and current threats to public lands.  Although it’s geared especially for those working with high school-aged students, it’s been downloaded by university staff, nonprofits and agencies such as the National Parks Service and U.S. Forest Service. 
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Association Engagement
Join AORE’s executive director, Jeannette Stawski, and AORE’s director of meetings and technology, Kate Pojeta, to find out what the association has in store for members in 2020---from how to get involved with committees and put your mark on the 2020 annual conference to tips for staying connecting with peers and mentors, ​staying up-to-date with association business, and learning from the comfort of your office or home all year round.

Advocacy Webinar | Introduction to Collegiate Outdoor Programs
Join Ryan Murphy, Chair of AORE's Access & Permitting Committee, for an introduction to collegiate outdoor programs and the world of advocacy!

AORE Annual Conference (2020 Call for Proposals)
Learn about what AORE looks for in a conference presentation, who should submit, and details on the submission and review process.

Understanding Place: Tribal and First Nation Perspectives For Better Recreation Experiences​
As you plan your trips with students to exciting places that bring about growth with each participant, try adding one crucial aspect for lifelong learning. Sharing the historical perspectives from the local First Nation or Tribal Nation can bring your recreation experience to another level and give your student area-specific knowledge that will broaden their worldview. The indigenous peoples hold vast amounts of information about the characteristics of the lands and water where you recreate. This workshop focuses on the use of local traditional tribal knowledge that can be used to develop the students understanding of local tribal history, environment and connection to those traditions. As an instructor, reaching out to the local Tribal or First Nation, local National Parks Service personnel and other recreational services will broaden your network and assist your creation of a deeper understanding by students. By incorporating the indigenous names or activities of the area you recreate and in learning about the original people and environment, you will develop a richer experience for each student. Having a better understanding of the local community, creates a deeper respect and ultimately care of the local lands and waters. The presenters will incorporate local Tribal examples in the greater Spokane area. As more knowledgeable instructors and students, all will gain in their connection to the lands and waters of the area. Creating space for these indigenous voices can deliver a greater respect and understanding of the lands and waters that the activities will take place.​ NOTE: This course requires payment.

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