Podcast S1 E1: So You Want to Work at Outward Bound


February 19, 2024 (Recorded November 21, 2022)   | 38:02



So you want to work for Outward Bound? Join our host Candace Brendler and Anne Morrison, Senior Director of Programs and Safety for the Northwest Outward Bound School as they discuss how you can work for Outward Bound in the field or on the admin side, with valuable insight from how long the process takes to pay and benefits.


Guest Bio: 

Anne Morrison got her start in Outward Bound as an instructor, course director, and then Assistant Program Director in Utah. After she moved to Portland in 2014 she sought out NWOBS and started working with the Portland School Programs, then moved into an instructor role at Odin Falls before becoming the Oregon Program Manager in 2017. In this role she coordinates staff trainings, works with the admin team, and supports the courses when they are out in the field. When she’s not working she tries to spend as much time outside as she can to continue her own personal and professional growth because she thinks it’s important for instructors to see the admin team getting outside, pushing their limits, and living the Outward Bound mission.



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