Podcast S1 E2: So You Want to Be a Challenge Course Trainer


February 19, 2024 (Recorded November 28, 2023) | 43:32


So you want to be a… Challenge Course Trainer? Join Candace Brendler, Outdoor Action Program Coordinator at Princeton University and Chris Damboise, Director of Training and Team Development and Phil Brown, Senior Trainer for High 5 Adventure Learning Center as they discuss how you can become a Challenge Course Trainer, with valuable insight from how long the process takes to pay and benefits.


Guest Bio: 

Chris Damboise  (he, him, his)

Chris brings an abundance of experience in the adventure field to bear on his leadership role within High 5. ”I love the way intentional adventure programming brings groups of people together in ways that otherwise would take years of time to reproduce.” Prior to coming to High 5 in 2015, he worked at Project Adventure for eighteen years in a two different roles: Director of Credentialing Services & Technical Training and Director of  Challenge Course Design & Installation. In the field of adventure education for over 40 years, his other experience includes time as Adventure Director at YMCA Camp Jordan, Acadia Mountain Guides, the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School and the Atlanta Outward Bound Center. Most of his formative years were spent as an outdoor educator with the University of Maine, Maine Bound programs. Chris serves on the Advisory Board for the Outdoor Leadership Program and Adventure Education Degree programs at Greenfield Community College and is a former council member of the Accreditation Council for AEE (Association for Experiential Education). He has authored/co-authored a number of publications including Adventure Education: Theory and Applications (2007), Knot Tying for the Challenge Course Practitioner (2011),  and Tinker: Building Purposeful Experiences From Classic Adventure Activities (2017). Chris lives in western Massachusetts with his wife Amy, where he has access to all manner of outdoor terrain to muck about in. During time off he can often be found rock climbing, hiking, or backcountry skiing.


Phil Brown (he,him,his)

Phil, originally from England, joined the High 5 team in May 2015 having previously worked in Adventure and Outdoor education for 7 years. Phil brings high energy and devotion to the Adventure field and has presented at many conferences including ACA New England, ACA Tri-state, ACCT, Northeast and International AEE, BOOST, several regional Phys Ed conferences and at the High 5 Symposium. He is also one of the co-authors of the book “Tinker: Building Purposeful Experiences from Classic Adventure Activities” and the producer/host of “Vertical Playpen” – the podcast all about Adventure and Experiential Education.


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