Podcast S1 E4: So You Want to Start a Nonprofit


February 20, 2024 (Recorded March 14, 2023) | 25:16


So you want to start a nonprofit? Join our host, Candace Brendler, and Xavier Duckett, Founder / Executive Director of Humble Hustle as they discuss how Xavier got his nonprofit started. 

 The Humble Hustle Company began in 2015 as a way to provide resources and programs in an innovative and creative way to the community. The Humble Hustle project started with designing and producing t-shirts with one singular message: Keep Giving. They sold the tees at local events, festivals, and their own pop-up shops to increase awareness of our mission. Xavier began selling t-shirts to raise money for the organization’s programs and initiatives until he separated the two and that birthed, HMBLE HSTLE Clothing.

The Humble Hikes program provides the chance to expand the youth’s horizons and experience the world around them in a positive and healthy way. Humble Hikes aims to expose black youth to the outdoors. They provide education in environmental sciences, environmental activism, advocacy, and available resources in their community. Humble Hikes empower youth by providing more representation of minorities in the outdoors.


Guest Bio: 

Xavier Tramaine Duckett is a community leader, artist, entrepreneur, traveler, and mentor based in Roanoke, VA, where he was raised in a culture of service, generosity, and love for community. In 2015, Xavier moved back to Roanoke after finishing his football career at ODU, with the mission to not only give back to his community, but to uplift it. He recognized the need for local youth empowerment programs and founded a nonprofit organization in October 2015 with that in mind: The Humble Hustle Co. Xavier has leveraged his diverse background to impact youth and inspire others. His work continues to uplift his community and its members.


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