Podcast S1 E5: So You Want to be an Adaptive Sport Volunteer or Instructor


February 21, 2024 (Recorded March 9, 2023) | 24:06


So you want to be an adaptive sport volunteer or instructor? Join our host, Candace Brendler, and Ann Marie Beresford, Executive Director at the Adaptive Sport Association (ASA) out of Durango, Colorado as they discuss requirements to volunteer and to become an instructor with ASA. 

Guest Bio: 

Ann Marie Beresford

Ann Marie came to ASA as an intern in the fall of 2006 after working at a summer camp for people with disabilities. She has worked at ASA as a volunteer, an intern, a staff instructor, and as the program director. She is a commercial raft guide, a swift water rescue technician, has her wilderness first responder certification, and is a Leave No Trace Trainer. Her favorite days at ASA are when she is behind the oars of a raft or on a chairlift with participants and volunteers. When she is not at work, she can be found making snow angels, playing in the mountains with her husband and daughter, and chasing after their dog.


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