Podcast S1 E16: Changemakers and Trailblazers: The Importance of In-Person Hands-On Learning in Wilderness Medicine

June 21, 2024 | 39:54


In this conversation, Jeannette Stawski is joined by Abby Rowe and Nadia Kimmel to discuss the importance of in-person, hands-on learning in wilderness medicine.

They also discuss the Wilderness Medicine Education Collaborative (WMEC), which sets standards for wilderness medicine certifications. They explain that there is currently no industry standard for online wilderness medicine programs and express concerns about the limitations of online learning for practical skills and real-life scenarios. Abby and Nadia stress the importance of hands-on learning for developing physical skills, building confidence, and preparing individuals to respond in stressful situations.


Meet Abby

President, Wilderness Medical Associates International

Abby Rowe is the president and owner of Wilderness Medical Associates International and a nationally registered Advanced EMT. Abby has been instructing for WMA International since 2018 and has 25 years of experience leading expeditions and teaching outdoor leadership and technical skills. She is also a member of and trainer for the Mount Desert Island Search and Rescue Team and is an avid sailor, climber, and skier. Abby holds a B.S. from Cornell University and an M.A. in Higher Education from Boston College.


Meet Nadia

CEO, Desert Mountain Medicine

Nadia founded Desert Mountain Medicine (DMM) in 1998 under the premise that wilderness medicine education should not be limited to a traditional classroom.  She is an active contributor to the field of wilderness medicine education both as an instructor and curriculum writer and as a founding member of the Wilderness Medicine Education Collaborative (WMEC), established in 2010. Nadia has worked as a guide, a SAR volunteer, an outdoor educator, an EMT, and an emergency room RN throughout the American West. Today, she devotes herself full-time to serving as DMM's CEO.




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