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Please use the resources below with the understanding that the situation is rapidly evolving and as soon as material is produced, it is already outdated to an extent. We are curating what we can here for our members and our industry.

If you have resource suggestions we should consider, please direct them via email to Kate Pojeta, AORE Director of Programs and Technology.

DISCLAIMER: While most of these articles and websites are provided to our members from trusted and verified sources, a few are articles of interest from the private sector or lead to trusted websites linking to unaffiliated sites.  We encourage members to ALWAYS do their due diligence when taking in information and/or following recommendations and guidelines from both public and private entities.

Documents and Information Related to Reopening

Articles and Websites of Interest:

From the Outdoor Industry

Additional Articles of Interest

Industry Event Updates and Cancellations:

AORE Annual Conference 2020 - Redesigned for Virtual
Come gather around the campfire from wherever you are! 

Online Course Resources:

Association Chats - Key Takeaways Related to Coronavirus + COVID-19 Challenges

Digital Teambuilding Tools & Resources Guide [from Lauren Stover, NC State University] added 6.18.20

Tips for Managing Virtual Meetings [pdf]

Managing students and colleagues across time zones - scheduling virtual meeting times

  • - best used when you want to provide a very limited number of days/times for a group to pick from

  • - best sued when you are looking at a single day of open time slots or multiple days and need to see best overlaps from the group

Virtual Meeting Platforms

  • Microsoft Teams (limited as to how many you can see in one view (4)

  • Zoom (user friendly, easier platform for all users on all devices)

  • WebEx (advanced options; not quite as user-friendly as Zoom)

  • GoToMeeting (advanced options; not quite as user-friendly as Zoom)

  • (for audio only AND video)

  • GoogleHangouts (if your company uses G Suite)

What Do We Teach Now? - article recommended by Dr. Elizabeth Andre related to current situation and courses

Teaching Tools

Be mindful of:
One thing to think about it being mindful of students privacy with all the online Zooms and hangouts. Screenshots of virtual meetings should NOT be put on social media. They disclose information about the students in a course, living environments, etc.

Advice...lead before you are led!

Recreate Responsibly

No matter how you like to get outside, we are all united by the love we share for our parks, trails, and waterways. The need to #RecreateResponsibly will continue even after the pandemic is behind us. We have a shared responsibility to care for one another and these places to ensure they remain for future generations to enjoy.

Learn more: #RecreateResponsibly  #RecrearResponsablemente

Past Webinar Recordings

All Association Chat recordings are available in our Online Learning portal, available to members and non-members.

Sign-in is required (non-members can request access/sign-in privileges) to access the past recordings - free to members; $5 for non-members. Once signed in, go to RESOURCES > ONLINE LEARNING.

Upcoming Webinars

AORE continues to provide programming and opportunities for virtual forums. Below are some upcoming, live online learning events. Please view our complete calendar of events here: AORE Event Calendar. 

No Current Events