Developing the outdoor professional and profession

About AORE

The Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) is the leading organization in the United States dedicated to serving the needs of outdoor recreation professionals and educators from academia to private sector programs. With AORE, members have a framework to interact with public land managers and influence decisions that affect the human-powered outdoor recreation industry. AORE serves as a collective voice to and for its members regarding topics of regional and national concern.

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At my first conference, I had the epiphany that there is a way to exist in a career that others see as fun, but still be a professional. I learned that there’s more to outdoor recreation than the initial facilitator/guide roles, and I decided to stay involved because there is so much more to learn.

Deidra Goodwin

Campaign Representative, Sierra Club Military Outdoors

Our Mission

AORE advances our mission of empowering leaders to connect people to the outdoors through recreation and education experiences.

Our Core Values

  • Bullhorn iconAdvocacy
  • Human brain illustrationEducation
  • Explorer illustrationStewardship
  • Word bubbles illustrationTransparency
  • Celebration illustrationInclusiveness
  • Checkmark illustrationProfessionalism
  • Light bulb illustrationInnovation

Since I started volunteering, I have met many people in the collegiate recreation industry that I have been able to connect with and learn from. Almost all of my volunteer work has been with the Affinity Networking Events, where I have helped facilitate group discussions in a networking environment.

Logan Hoile

Climbing Wall/ Outdoor Programs Coordinator, Colorado State University