Be an Influencer for Positive Change

A letter from your Executive Director.

Are you ready to be part of the solution and not continue to perpetuate the problem?

As a leader in the outdoors, you are an influencer. The actions you take have a direct impact on your staff, volunteers and participants. AORE believes that we can all continue to work on improving our hiring and programming practices.  I think we can all agree that we all want our staff, volunteers and participants to feel invited, included, able and welcome to experience the outdoors. 

I recognize the high number of AORE members that are decision makers for their programs (ie. influencers).  Candidly, I also recognize that nearly 75% of our members identify as white - which I feel may be indicative of the greater outdoor facilitator space.

This is why AORE has hosted a virtual Inclusive Summit every year since 2021 - to provide attendees with a wider recognition of exclusionary practices within outdoor recreation and education and to help them gain better understanding of how they can actively work to make change as leaders in the industry.  We also recognize that organizations that learn together can grow and change together - so we have intentionally built group pricing options to help with learning and accountability.

There are certainly other ways to do this work [see below], but based on member demographics, the summit is what YOU can do as an influencer, a person in a leadership role, and a decision maker to make sure your program and its operations continue to improve their inclusivity.

I know you have choices with your professional development, AND that there are many ways to support and build an inclusive outdoor community.  I believe that AORE’s Inclusive Summit can create a positive and unique experience for outdoor facilitators who not only currently hold positions of influence, but those that aspire to as well. And to those that are ready to do the work within themselves and in the programs they lead.  

If you ultimately decide that the Inclusive Summit isn’t the right fit for you (or if you just want more learning resources) here is a short list of other opportunities for you to consider: Adventure On! 

Jeannette Stawski
AORE’s Executive Director

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