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We know a virtual conference looks and feels different - it IS different! It's not simply an online meeting or a webinar presentation though. We have so much more packed into this virtual event so that you experience what it's like to truly engage, learn, explore, network and socialize in a virtual atmosphere. We have a number of curated recommendations, tips, and tools from our experiences in virtual platforms and conferences that will help you make the most of your conference - whether it's your first or your 50th, whether you're an attendee or exhibitor, a tech-adopter or a tech-avoider.



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  • Complete your profile in the virtual platform, including a picture of yourself. Since we are virtual, this helps others make more personal connections with you and put a face with a name.

  • Craft your personal conference schedule in the platform by reviewing and saving sessions to build the education and networking experience you want. 

  • Determine when you will truly be at the conference. If you have others around you most of the day and/or are attending from a work environment, you will want to make sure you can be attentive, out of office, secluded or otherwise focused. If you were away or offsite at an event, you would have that clear separation. For a virtual conference, consider creating that separation for the sessions that are most critical to you.

  • Actively participate in sessions by responding to presenter questions, engaging in session chats, responding to polls, and any other interactive activities the presenter introduces.

  • Adhere to all guidelines, etiquette rules or other session expectations set by the conference provider, facilitator or moderator.

  • Complete session evaluations and the overall conference evaluation to benefit all attendees the next year as well as support presenters and event planners as they work on future conferences.

  • Network, even when it feels awkward! Whether networking is baked into the platform, setup as a separate platform or facilitated as a session, lean in.

  • We took interested vendors for a journey through our conference platform and showed how they can have the best experience as an exhibitor and get incredible ROI! Watch our recording to learn more!

  • Exhibitor Experience 101: How to use the Virtual Platform as an Exhibitor

  • Exhibitor Setup 101: How to setup your Virtual Platform as an Exhibitor

  • Exhibitors will gain access to their exhibitor portal in July, once their booth is reserved. 

  • We recommend exhibitors explore the PRESENTER / SPEAKER RESOURCES further down this page for tips on making the most of a pre-recorded demonstration and engaging during live exhibit hours.


    • July 15: Register for a Gold-level booth by July 15 in order to get showcased in our Exhibit Hall Summer Preview event on July 30

    • Week of July 15: final date/time schedule for July 30 preview will be confirmed, as well as whether you are attending that one live or pre-recorded

    • July 25: pre-recorded content for July 30 due to AORE

    • July 30: Exhibit Hall Summer Preview

    • August + September: we will be working heavily with vendors to setup conference live times, presentations/demos/etc please keep watch on your email and your exhibitor portal

    • October 1: All pre-recorded content due to AORE


Virtual Presenter Up-Training Webinar - hosted and recorded on Tuesday 6/30/2020, 4:30pm EST


  • July 10: Let AORE know if you would like to be considered for a LIVE session or if you are for sure going with a pre-recorded presentation (we will send an email from Smartsheet for everyone to respond to!); we will schedule 15-minute interviews during the week of JULY 13 for those presenters interested in this opportunity

  • Week of July 13: presentation date/time will be emailed from Smartsheet; your confirmation is required

  • Week of July 20: presentation schedule posted

  • August 15: Provide AORE with a session outline, loaded directly into PheedLoop that outlines any technologies being used during the presentation that may require users to potentially go off PheedLoop or Zoom or install other software.

  • October 1: All pre-recorded content due to AORE


  • July 1: Let AORE know if you expect your dates/times to STAY the same or CHANGE

  • July 15: changes and updates to dates/times must be submitted to AORE

  • August 1: Provide AORE with a session outline, inclusive of the following:

    • Technologies being used during the live presentation by the presenter that will require users to use something other than PheedLoop or Zoom (such as your company's own learning management system), download other apps or software, or anything along those lines so we can best prepare attendees.

    • If your pre/post workshop is broken into multiple sessions, identify which are pre-recorded versus live.

    • Presenters for each session - names and emails.

    • Dates and times of each session(s), including start and end times.

  • September 15: All pre-recorded content due to AORE

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